Shorescrew’s Angel Bike Mission 2011!

Holy Shit. … talk about skirting disaster.  Once again we gathered in the Shores to take on the 22 mile round trip to the Angel Stadium.  Just a few scrapes and spills along the way until we gathered under a freeway to BBQ BOAR’s HEAD HOTDOGS and rock out to OLD SCRATCH, who called the show “awesome/stressful/crazy/bizarre/almost arrested/adrenaline pumping/sweat inducing/gasoline spilling/epic.” I think that about sums it up.  We made it to the stadium just in time for the last pitch, fireworks and a chance to sit down.  On the way home we were treated to 100+ cold beers we had stashed from the concert.  Yum.  After the ride some even made it not only to dinner together but to the Alley afterwards.  Until next year….  Thanks for coming!  Some pictures might be out of order, but that’s rock n roll for ya.  Thanks to our additional photog: BJ, Cap and Jamie.

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